Prof. Jessica Penner | OL20 | Fall 2021

Saba Chaudhry, Dialogue 3

(Maahad sends various pictures of a mullet hairstyle)

Maahad: Thoughts on me getting a mullet

Saba: please never in ur life say that again

Maahad: what

Maahad: why

Maahad: I think it’d look very good on me

Saba: No

Saba: ew

Maahad: Yes it would you know it would

(Saba doesn’t acknowledge last reply and immediately says)

Saba: Maahad I love babies so much

Saba: Can u ft


  1. AKM

    I enjoyed reading this dialogue because it was funny. like how can someone out of nowhere wants to get a mullet as their hairstyle and without finishing the whole convo you start talking about babies. one questions I have is that did Maahad end up getting mullet? if so then is he going to be a country boy now?

  2. Devi Ramnarine

    this dialogue is funny. Since Maahad thinks it is eww to have that hair cut. I never knew what mullet hair cut was until I google it. I want to know who is Maahad?


    I really enjoyed how the conversation changed to quickly. My friends and I do this ll the time and somehow end up at the first thing we were talk about. Where you looking at cute babies during this?

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