During the horrible COVID-19 pandemic, so many tragedies happened, many deaths caused by the COVID-19 virus itself, police brutality that caused an increase of support for the Black Lives Matter movement, increasing crime rates, and much more that made Manuel feel very hopeless. With so much political tension growing in the atmosphere when it comes to race, Manuel, who is mixed with white and black, tries his best to educate himself on the racial issues that go on in the country that sees him as the enemy. Just as Manuel is trying to do his best to educate himself on his own race and what he can do to support Black Lives Matter, he is brought down by his white family members making him feel like he’s the enemy. Going through it day by day, hearing such ignorant comments towards Black Lives Matter but trying to understand what caused them to act this way when they have someone in their family that they care about who is a part of the movement itself because of his race. Why don’t they support him? Why does he not matter to them? These questions are always going through Manuel‘s mind trying to understand how it’s fair to them that they get to have privilege and he doesn’t. Manuel’s white aunt who is married to a BLACK police officer has always shown her support to movements that oppose BLM like “All Lives Matter” or “Blue Lives Matter”, just some sick joke made up by white people because they always want to play victim, “my husband and his co-workers risk their lives doing their job, how is it fair ??” says Manuel’s aunt. these types of opinions do nothing but anger Manuel because, at the end of the day, your uniform is something you wear from 9-5, my race is what I wear for the rest of my life, Manuel tries his best to educate them on what they can’t experience because of their race, but there’s only so much you can do to help a person. Sometimes you have to leave people in their ignorance because they will never change, sometimes you can get through to people but they still have some opinions that they shouldn’t, and sometimes you just have to leave people in the past altogether, this is what we call life.