On a Saturday night Edith got to eat with her parents and talk to them about how college was going for her. She has not seen them for 6 months already. Edith was in her third year of college. She seemed happy all the time but somehow at the very end of the dinner, she got emotional and started to cry and say how hard college was getting for her.

She is at this point of her life where she has to fight and face her own self. She has to study for her finals, work to pay her bills, and friends going to parties on the weekends. The worry of getting a better job each year.
Her personal life was not okay. She broke up with this guy who was cheating on her. At this moment she was going to let everything go, even stop taking classes because they were getting harder and harder each time. She knew that no matter what she decided to do, at the end her parents will support and love her like they always do.

Edith knew that letting everything happen and not taking actions about it will affect her even more. She decided to focus on herself and finish college with good grades. She is happy to see and talk to her parents about all of this and be able to say that she will be okay. The parents were happy and proud of the girl.