“WELCOME TO NORTH CENTRAL ZOO” read the sign as Ashton drove past it. It’s 2010 in Upstate New York where the fall air was starting to pick up. It’s the end of September and the gang is getting ready to break into Johnathans family zoo. There had been a few murders around town concerning everyone. Despite Johnathan’s family owning the zoo, he works there from time to time checking the database and systems to make sure things were up to speed. Recently, he’d found information about a recent murder and how it connected to his family zoo. He knew he needed help with the servers. The gang knew each other since High School and would help solve certain crimes alongside police since they were all involved in the protroling program. Never had they dealt with something this serious. No longer being part of this program caused some issues with gaining access to files. Ashton being a professional hacker and Hailey his wife is an officer now who would help gain access and have legal rights. Steven had nothing better to do, Justin was with Steven getting a drink and tagged along. Now, it was Becca who was supposed to swipe the files from the computer base that showed evidence from the cameras. Becca was supposed to tag along that day with Johnathan to check the database and instead of doing her part, she never showed up. 

She dropped her flashlight as her hand started to shake trying to pick it back up. Steven bumped into her. “Hey! Would you watch it? I’m trying to reach for the flashlight.” The flashlight rolled under the van. “Great Steven, look at what you did now!” “SHHHHHHHHH, SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP Hailey!!” Justin’s bright green eyes glared at her as Steven flashed the flashlight right onto him. “Okay J, I don’t think we need your saliva showering us bro.” Ashton and Becca came out of the van and shut the door. 

“Would you guys relax? We just want to get the chip out from the computer to gain access to these files and leave that’s it.” “Yeah because with Johnathan that shouldn’t be too hard.” Hailey said in a sarcastic tone. “We’re doing this again Hails? Reminder to all of you, I’m only here because I have access to this place. I could lose my job.” Johnathan raged on as he walked away from the group.

 “We wouldn’t even be in this mess if it wasn’t for Becca.” Becca was wrapping up her long dark brown hair into a bun when she turned around towards Johnathan who was too far to say anything in a shouting tone. She ran up towards him. Justin elbowed Steven, “Dude, they’re so into each other man.” “Yeah, I don’t know why they haven’t just said anything already.” They continued to walk forward. 

“Ash, you’re literally the only reason why I’m even here. If it were up to me…” “We’d be at home watching a movie drinking wine and eating pizza. I know I know babe, but we’re always up for adventures.” “Adventures! We’re 22 years old and married I may add. I think we have more to lose here than breaking into a zoo at 1 in the morning!!” Hailey whispered angrily at Ashton. The breeze started to pick up as they got closer to the door. Her brown hair started getting into her face and she started shaking from anxiousness trying to get it off her eyes so she could see. Squeaks and cracking noises started to come from the gate being opened. Johnathan dropped his flashlight as it cracked on the hard floor. 

“UHHHH guys?” “Y’all gotta see this one!” Shouted Steven. “That’d be great, if we could see, don’t you think?” Becca said as they all stood around trying to see if they could find the switch Johnathan spoke about. Steven started to feel on the brick wall. He felt this metal lever and pulled. “I did it!” The lights started to flicker on. ” They heard this huge roar coming from the pathway getting closer and closer. “RUN!” Shouted Ashton. 

As they started to run, Steven couldn’t help but to look back. When he looked back he saw two red glaring eyes from the far distance. He started to run faster until they all made it towards the van and Ashton sped away. 

“WHAT WAS THAT?!” Shouted Ashton, everyone now out of breath. “I’m pretty positive that’s the thing that’s been murdering everyone.” said Steven out of breath. “Why do you say that?” asked Becca sitting next to him. “I say that because, you guys know me, I always have to look. So, when I did, I saw two large red glaring eyes. They are most definitely neither animal nor human.” “Tomorrow we have to come back and check out the cameras Johnathan.” Hailey said from the front.