My life changed forever when I met my best friend in high school. I’ve written about the pain I experienced in high school, but never about one of my favorite parts. Yes, I have felt anonymous, but I was also loved and cared for. I met this boy, who went to my high school. I swear I never even knew he existed until the end of my sophomore year. He was like a godsend. God knew I would need at least one person to help me through whatever was to come. I lost my group of friends, had difficulty with my family but he was there for me. I was a popular kid among my peers in high school but being with him took me away from all of the drama that was going on. He changed the way I was in some ways which benefitted me. And I also realized he changed too. He changed for himself but in a way that also made me happy. I never thought anyone would want to change for me and I thought I just had to accept the way everyone was. But he wanted to change and that made me realize a lot about the things I wanted out of life. I’ve been with him for 3.5 years now and I say we complement each other well. We understand one another which is the best part of this. I became his friend first which allowed, me to trust and let this person with my worries. We started talking because I made the first move, it was like an instinct. He was going through some things mentally and physically, and we both were there for each other. More than a relationship, this companionship I wouldn’t trade for the world