A moment in my past that changed me was back in middle school. I would misbehave here and there and lacked maturity. I was surrounded by the wrong group of “friends” until one day in the hours of school, I was caught skipping school with them after weeks of being absent. Of course, I was a teen with no realization of how concerned my parents can be if they received calls of their child not coming to school until that one day. I was caught with the wrong group of people that didn’t sincerely help me or benefit me. I was lost. Suddenly, a couple of days later before graduation, I woke up realizing so many things and my character itself. I told myself that after graduating middle school, I’m going to enter high school more mature than ever and remind myself to be a better person. And so I did. That phase of my life changed me, and I’m glad it did because I feel like high school could’ve been worse.