When I graduated high school, I took a few years off from school and I decided to work. I started working at a cardiovascular clinic where I didn’t know much. I knew highschool level english and math, and how to have good morals. I learned so much that college wouldnt have taught me through experience. I learned how successful business minded people can be so ambitious, how its really difficult to work with other individuals, how its really difficult to trust and manage staff, and so much more. I don’t regret the years I took off from school, but sometimes I do wish I had been more educated. The kind of educated college givespage1image57378304

people. That’s why I am in school now. For me personally, I think it is imperative to be in school. I really believe that knowledge (in all aspects) is power. One thing in particular that has been educational, was learning about immigrants and their vulnerability through a volunteer group I am in, called MIRA USA.

MIRA USA is a non- profit organization that promotes the social integration of immigrants in the U.S. Just as our slogan states “Helping moves us”. Many immigrants face the challenges of moving to a new country alone, leaving their families behind. This makes it really difficult for these people to find jobs in the careers they had practiced at their homes. They end up having to work in something that wasn’t their original profession, just to make ends meet.Between living under the radar, working vigorously to receive low wages, and unable to receive health insurance, these people become a very vulnerable community. People even tend to get physically sick because of the high stress levels.

I am not an immigrant, but my father was, and he experienced many of these issues when he first came to America.Mira Helps immigrants adapt to the cultures and laws of America in a positive way, making them subject to positive change that worries about the country that receives them. In Mira,I have volunteered in numerous workshops they provide for immigrants. One in particular, called “Lose the fear of taking the citizenship exam.” In this workshop we assist permanent U.S residents to let go of their fear and feel confident in their naturalization process. Being a part of this organization has not only educated me, but it has also made me realize that I really like helping people. It is really gratifying to be a part of something much bigger than you and that sheds light/awareness to a vulnerable community.