Prof. Jessica Penner | OL20 | Fall 2021

Nida Khawaja POV Story for Picture B

Wanda is on a zoom call with her friends James, Chris, Nat in her room with her dog whiskey sitting laying near her. Nat askes when will this pandemic be over? We have been stuck at home for 1 month now. Wanda looks out the window wondering when her life will go back to normal. She sits in this room everyday living life through a screen. She zones out pondering over the like she once had. Pondering about the days she would meet her friends outside and going to brunch. The running for the train trying not to be late. Then a small laugh is uttered out of her. Her friends just sit there confused as to why she is laughing. Wanda says laugh “can you believe the world is going crazy over toilet paper. They all start to laugh, and James goes Your one to take Wanda, don’t you have about 50 rolls in your room right now? Wanda goes yes but that’s beside the point. We aren’t talking about what’s in my room right now and they all just start laughing again.


  1. valencia

    great story as its relatable. love it

  2. Tabitha Demero

    this is so realistic, lol. I loved how you used modern times in your story

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