Prof. Jessica Penner | OL20 | Fall 2021

Keyri Jimenez- POV of Picture for Story. Group B.

Sitting at my desk taking a look outside of my apartment window, I couldn’t help but to ignore the voices that continued to rage over my computer screen. I couldn’t stop it. It wasn’t necessarily my intention. I just couldn’t fathom such a time as this. Never in history have we faced something so depressing as COVID-19. I wasn’t able to go out on my usual morning jog with my dog Lux this morning. The fear of getting sick consumed me. I didn’t want my dog to get sick either .He’s all I have since my family lives so far away. I spend all day wondering my apartment stumbling upon stacks of saved up toilet papers because of this uncertainty. My husband tries to be the calm one by keeping me sane, but it’s been detrimental to my health watching my family on a screen instead of going to visit them. “Jess?” I looked over at my screen as my younger brother Matthew put his camera so close to his face I started to laugh. “We’ll all see each other soon.” He said as we all logged off. I sat there with the void of my own thoughts once more wondering when this pandemic would be over.


  1. Princess_Taty

    Wow Keyri Jimenez, I love your story. The way that the words flow so nicely together. It pulls me in. I can picture your story in my head. I felt like I was in the story watching it unfold.

  2. Samantha

    I enjoyed the part where you say when will the pandemic be over, because I felt like that ever since last year.

  3. Fpromi66

    Wow, love your story, really nice details.

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