Honestly at this point I’m tired. I’m tired of living a double life. At home my parents the people whole raised me. The people who give me everything I want don’t know who I am. I am a non-binary trans men. My pronouns are he/they. It so hard to be come home to a space where it feels like it’s a lie. I’m outside with my friends being my authentic self. I feel the love and acceptance. On the train ride home, I lose my confidence and soon as I walk into that door it’s all gone. I flip a switch and I’m completely different person. I’m getting called by the wrong pronoun. The consent miss gender. I get asked a lot why not just tell them. Tell them how? They were raised in a different time plus my religion doesn’t allow it. My parent prays 5 times a day and I even try to question it I’ll get lectured. They have said it many times it wrong, whenever they see people of the LGBTQ+ community. So, day after day I life this double life because I can’t lose the people I care about the most. Part of me does wonder why I am seeking acceptance from people who won’t get it when I do tell. Honesty I don’t know why I’m seeking approve from my parent. Maybe I just don’t want to disappoint them. Maybe it’s because they’ve giving me anything I want, and I don’t want to lose what they have for me right now. I know my time will come so for now I wait patiently