Prof. Jessica Penner | OL20 | Fall 2021

Meet my Films

One thing I love is a good movie. I can range from romcom to full out Tokyo Drift to inspirational like The Blind Side. With me, its always been how much the movie will captivate me or “let me watch this again because I feel like I missed a part”.

Being completely honest, I never had such a deep love for movies. It all started when I was younger and my family would have random movie nights , and as we would say movie titles, you would hear my mother with the infamous “I seen that already”. Those lines motivated me to catch up to my mother and watch every movie possible; which now doesn’t make sense because she has watched movies I didn’t even know before.

As the years progressed, the competitiveness became love. I once watched the whole The Godfather movies; each were 3-4 hrs long; just so I could have the satisfaction of saying I watched the trilogy. I would watch a movie depending on how I’m feeling and if I want to be cheered up, there a movie would be waiting to be played!

Movies are my escape route, with each film comes a different land, forgetting all you’ve been going through that day and just being sucked in for a good 1-2 hrs is so reassuring.


  1. Kevin Perea

    I really enjoyed that you mentioned all these different types of movies; it shows your movie knowledge! I also really like to immerse myself into films and I have a really soft spot for superhero movies. I’d also like to watch the Godfather movies but they’re so long! I will get to it eventually!

  2. Liam Escamilla

    Wow! I am also a movie fanatic too! I love movies because they are straightforward to the point unlike shows/series (I can’t keep up with them). I see some similarities between us too because I have also watched the whole Godfather trilogy in my film class during high school which was also great. I like how you remember your mother saying that she saw this movie. It shows how memorizing it is and how important movies are to you. Overall, great little memoir. I recommend you watching this french film called “La Haine” which is also good and Fight Club!

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