Hello, creative writer.

My name is Sarvinoz Erkinova and I am writing to inform you about the experiences I had in creative class this semester. To begin with, just as the name tells you this class consists of materials that are creative and fun. We read interesting stories, memoirs, poetry, and dialogues interpreted them, and wrote critiques about them. We also had an opportunity to share our feelings, thoughts, and ideas about other students’ and writers’ works. Materials covered in this class are not like in other classes where you have to write papers that are research-based, long, and boring. It is fun because it enables you to write many things that are interesting to you.

     Among all the work we have done this semester, my most favorite activity was the “Meet My__” assignment because it makes you think about one thing that you have that is special to you or tells something about you. We often hear the expression that we shouldn’t focus on materials so much and generally there is always a negativity about having love or connection towards materials. But, ironically we all have it or at least most of us do, and this assignment is very friendly and realistic about it. Another one I liked was a work done by an anonymous writer “Whatever Happened to__?” because this story shares how chronically women are abused, discriminated, and oppressed by men or society in general to do things that they love. It is very realistic and can relate to many and the story is filled with details and vivid descriptions that I really loved. You might like it too. 

    I generally do not like online classes because it blocks us from doing many things that we can do during in-person sessions. In-person sessions allow us to make connections, discuss matters, and build academic relationships that we cannot do online. Also, I noticed that online classes contain more work than in person, and if you are a full-time student and a worker, you should be prepared for a lot of reading and writing that this class entails and manage your time accordingly to meet these needs. But, our professor breaks down materials into smaller and simpler pieces and is always there for help and support. I also recommend that you keep a planner and organize classes and assignments for each of those classes and look at it often to be on track. 

    Having good reading and writing skills is always a perk. From as simple as writing a short professional email to writing complex writing projects for an important class or a project at work, requires good writing skills. In this class, you would learn more or refresh your mind about the basic elements of writing by writing things that you enjoy. Read the announcement part of each week before doing assignments, and you will learn a lot from there.