Hey there! I am Jozelyn and I am currently pursuing a degree in the Business and Technology of Fashion. I am writing to you because I wanted to share some insight on what to expect in this class and how you can excel in it. No matter the degree you are pursing, this class is a great experience. I personally took this class for a liberal art credit but honestly, it felt like every week I was writing for fun. The professor will give you guidelines for assignments, but from then on, you control the wheel. There is so much freedom and room for expressing yourself in this class which is why I have enjoyed it so much. One advice I would give to you (and I suggest you keep this in mind when in doubt) is to just be yourself. Everyone has there own way with words, their own perspectives and emotions, which makes this class even more interesting.

Two assignments that has stuck with me every since I completed them was a memoir assignment about a difficulty you faced and a short story assignment. The memoir I mentioned was assigned towards the middle of the semester. The memoir allowed me to reflect on myself whereas the short story pushed me to be more creative and paint a picture for readers with words. By this time, I was comfortable with sharing my thoughts with the professor and class because I saw there was no judgement, only positive feedback and room for more growth. Although this class was fully online, due to Covid, I felt connected with the class and got to know some students through their work. Online cources may be worrying because there is no physical meet, which may feel like the assignments given to you are not as direct compared to other class. But thats the beauty of it! If you are ever feeling overwhlemed, contact the professor or even reach out to your cohort members! Oh, and remeber to just breathe.

This class taught me that even the things that seem simple can be challenging in a sense that pushes you to excel, to discover more about yourself and your skills. This class was like a breath of fresh air, a class that allowed me to just be me in my writing and I hope it does the same for you. In this class I learned that I can target the emotions of people just by writing, which is a skill that can be used anywhere and everywhere. I wish you the best of luck and remember to have fun! Be creative, be you!