Dear future student,

My name is Angelica, I am currently trying to complete my sophomore year at City Tech. I am still undecided of what I want to major in, so I am still exploring my options, and trust me there are many interesting ones, but none really catch my attention. I am writing this letter as part of a final assignment in the semester. During this semester having the class asynchronous was not as bad as I expected, I thought that it would be difficult to understand the material when there was no teacher present. Luckily, Professor Penner’s course website had many details regarding the assignments or topic of the week, as well as weekly emails with reminders of upcoming or assignments due.

Many of the assignments that were assigned to us weren’t over the top, by this I mean they were manageable. Some of my favorite assignments were the journals, although, I barely had much to say I like that we were able to read and write about the different struggles other classmates went through as well. It helps to know that struggling is a part of every process and that its part of every success.

Being a fulltime online student and working part time can be somewhat overwhelming at times. My advice for the student reading this is to stay ORGANIZED, seriously I think that its important to have everything in order for all classes whether its having a calendar or an agenda to have important dates and assignments noted. Also just constantly checking for any updates on the course website as well as the blackboard site.

As the semester comes to an end, there are many important aspects that will stay with me. Some of them are how an author’s voice and character can make a piece powerful. I learned this in the when reading Gurba’s review and when watching the poem Tsunami rising being read. I thought theses were two pieces that showed how well the author used their voice to convey a powerful message. Both authors used their voice and tone, as well as their choice in words to demonstrate their message. I learned that voice, setting, tone, characters, and other factors make an authors story very compelling and after this semester I learned to pay more attention to them as they make the story compelling.