Dear Future, Creative Writing Student,

My name is Malik Lee a Business & technology of fashion major and former student of this class. I am writing this letter to share my experience in this course along with my favorite assignments with some tips to get a good grade. When I enrolled in the class, I was a little excited because I love taking up writing courses.

I thought this would be the perfect class to help me expand my creativity and help me become a better writer. In all honesty, this class has pushed me to think outside of my zone with the assignment of creating a short story. This assignment was captivating because I was able to write out a setting with characters along with dialogue which wasn’t very comfortable with doing but the more, I pushed myself I was able to complete the assignment and love the outcome. Another assignment that I enjoyed was writing poetry, poetry is one of my favorite things to write so this assignment was very easy for me. Instead of pulling some, I wrote out of my vault I decided to write new ones. The comments I received from the professor made me very proud of my work. Before the pandemic, I’ve taken one or two online courses since it worked well with my work schedule but it was very stressful taking all of my courses online the best advice I can give is to take advantage of the calendars on your phone and the reminder apps to keep track of assignments with the due dates. To succeed in this course be mindful of the assignments and the due dates. The professor gives great feedback very positive and don’t be afraid to send emails when this seems confusing. This course helps me become more successful in my career because it allowed me to dig deep and be more creative.

-Malik Lee