Monday, 12/14 – Friday, 12/18

By end-of-day Monday, 12/14, the following activities are DUE (end-of-day means 11:59 PM):


  • Journal 10: If you could write a letter to a future student of this class, what would you tell them? Write a post in which you do the following (approx. 300 words):
    • Write a letter to someone entering my class next semester and prepare them for this course.
      • Introduce yourself briefly and tell the reader why you are writing to them.
      • Choose one or two readings and/or assignments that have stayed with you; mention these to your reader and why you found them compelling.
      • Reflect on your experiences of being an online student; give your reader some advice regarding how to succeed in this area.
      • Conclude by sharing your thoughts on how and/or why this class (and what you learned in it) may be useful to you in future courses, a future career, and/or in any other aspect of your life!
  • Title it Student Name, Journal #10 and post it under Journals.

By end-of-day Wednesday, 12/16, the following activities are DUE (end-of-day means 11:59 PM):

CHAPBOOKS (containing Final Reflection, one memoir, one short story, one poem, and one dialogue) are DUE!

Post them under Final Portfolios and title them Student Name, Final Portfolio.