Writing dialogue is something I’m used to due to me going to a performing art high school, what was hard was creating one based on text messages. The main reason why I found it hard was cause I don’t really text. I ended up finding old messages between my boyfriend and me and built off that. The dialogue from our in-person experience honestly was kind of hard too. When I would write dialogue I was told to be as descriptive as I wanted, but while reading others’ dialogue I felt a little insecure about the usual way I would go about this.

And although this is creative writing, I didn’t want to overdo it and seem like a kiss-up considering I was a little behind on certain assignments. But overall, writing dialogue wasn’t hard but yet again it was if that makes sense. But even when it was hard, and although high school for me was hell, it felt nice to feel like I was 16 all over again writing my first dialogue. So thank you. Overall, I do truly believe my dialogues were not the greatest. Sorry about that.