Training wheels

I didn’t care about the scabs on my knees, I

 just wanted those damn training wheels off. 

No matter how many times I fell, no matter how much I’ve bled,

I wanted to be set free. 

Those training wheels were the only reason why I was scared of the world. 

They were the only reason why I was alone. 

Now I have people with me, 

I have so many people with me, 

but those training wheels are holding me back. 

Black Nails

Chip, Chip, Chip

Why do my nails if they’re gonna chip away?

The black reveals to pink of my nail bed,

Revealing the real me.

Black nail polish intoxicates me,

One more layer.

I should stop I’m getting light headed.

Better light headed than grounded,

What if I get too light headed? 

High, I’m too high. 

Too high to care.

Caring is the pink in my nail bed.

The real me, the me that cares too much.

What if they see me?

Will they like what they see?
Another black coat.

Hide it all away.