Revision Story of Journal 4 with dialogue added

Chang CLASIC BEER, the green sign read, hung above the ordering area of the restaurant.

“Thai Food?” Joanna suggested

“Think it’s good though? What if we don’t like it? I’ve had Thai food that wasn’t so good” Monika bickered

Joanna rolled her eyes, “Mon, just get pad Thai. Imma order, you gonna get?” Joanna was walking towards the cashier who seemed busy with previous orders, she patiently waited for the cashier to call her to place her order.

“Next!” the cashier yelled

“Can I get an order of shrimp pad Thai, with spicy sauce, and a canned coke” Joanna looked back at Monika, then looked back towards the menu, insinuating if she wanted to order something now was the chance to do so.

“Can you make it two orders” Monika added on

“Two orders, same?” the cashier repeated

“Yes” they both said

It was not long after both Monika and Joanna received their food, that should have probably been the first red flag. Industry city was crowded that afternoon, all the seating was taken and they were struggling to find seating that was distant from the crowd, because of COVID.

“Can we just sit behind the school? They have tables.” suggested Monika

“Yeah, it’s way too crowded and I need to eat my food in peace” Joanna shook her head and was surprised at the amount of people at Industry City, looked almost as if the virus weren’t contagious. The school was just up the avenue of 35th street and 2nd, in Brooklyn, they found seating by the school and luckily there weren’t so many people. Eager to try the food, the girls quickly started to eat their pad Thai and burnt their tongue.

“Shit” Monika Shouted

“You burnt your tongue too?” Joanna asked

“Yeah, I did. I’d though the food would be warm by now” Monika Replied

As they were enjoying their meals and catching up with one another Monika from the corner of her eye saw something move. She stopped eating and stared at the plate of food awaiting for it to move again.

“Mon, was is it?” Joanna asked,

“I swear something moved,” Monika mentioned, pointing to the food.

After waiting for a while to see if the food moved, both Joanna and Monika stared at each other as if the other was crazy. Joanna insisted Monika was being over the top and exaggerated, but after picking up the last scoop of pad Thai Joanna saw it wiggling, trying to escape between the chopsticks.

“A WORMM ” Joanna screeched “No way, no way this is fucking gross”

Looking at Monika, Joanna dropped the food into the disposable bag. Joanna upset, started to shake her head and think about the half eaten food that could have possibly contained more than one worm. Joanna was shocked, and disgusted

“Did yours have anything in it?” She asked Monika

“I lost my appetite when I mentioned it, I don’t even want to check” Responded Monika “I told you we weren’t going to like it” Monika added jokingly