This week I decided to go to a  popular Dominican  Restaurant located in the Bronx. When I arrived the first thing I saw was a long line and many people desperate to sit down. Before the pandemic they were usually full and you had to wait almost like an hour to sit down. And now with the pandemic the waiting it’s longer than usual. I saw many people  were uncomfortable wearing the mask for so long . While I was waiting for my table, I saw in the entrance that the manager was having an argument with a young couple who refused to use their mask properly  inside the restaurant to buy food for take out. 

Manager: You can’t be inside the restaurant if you are not wearing your mask properly.

Women: What do you mean that we are not wearing a mask properly?

Manager: Yes! Your mask should be covering your nose and mouth and not resting under the chin. 

Men: I’m wearing my mask in a way I feel comfortable, and wearing it under my chin is how I feel comfortable because I can breathe better.

Manager: I understand but, the mask should not be moved off  the nose or mouth for any time when unable to social distance.

 After arguing with the manager both of them proceed to wear their mask properly.