On a sunny Sunday afternoon at a busy post office with a line wrapping around the lobby, two friends reconnect.

Shawn: hey Malik how you’ve been haven’t seen you in a while

Malik: Oh hey I didn’t see over there I’m too busy all on my phone, I’ve been doing good could be better but I still can’t complain. how about you?

Shawn: I’ve been great ! I started a new job that I’m really excited about honestly

Shawn: How about we grab something to eat in the city sometime next week is your number the same?

Malik: That sounds good with me & yeah my number is the same

*the week goes by & meet up at the restaurant*

Waitress: Hello welcome to Ruby’s in Soho ill be your waitress for this evening *hands menus* can I start off with some drinks

Malik: Yes I’ll take a mimosa

Shawn: Ill take the watermelon drink

Waitress: and for food

Shawn: I’ll have the Bondi burger with fries on the side

waitress: you sir?

Malik: do you have turkey burgers or just beef ?

Waitress:we have turkey

Malik: I’ll take a turkey cheese burger with fries on the side

Waitress: ok go it be right back with the drinks

Shawn: I’m so happy you came we haven’t talked in so long how are you and ……

Malik:Please don’t *laughs* I’m glad I came as well

Waitress: Heres the food and drinks enjoy

Shawn: Would you like to hit up the art gallery on Broome after this

Malik:Yeah sure as long as you take pictures for my instagram