Last Saturday I went to a Spa in Jackson Heights, to get a facial and  nails done. Since I live in Brooklyn I had to take the bus to get there, I could have taken the train but one of them was not working and if I took it the trip was going to take me longer. I hadn’t taken the bus since everything started and for my surprise it was full of people like it used to be before all this happened. As I was standing on the bus, watching every single person with their mask on, I started to reflect about how vulnerable we all are and how none of us ever thought something like this would be happening. When I got to the spa, the mani and pedi side was also full of people, the receptionist came to me and said:

-Hi, welcome to Chic and Lashes Spa, can I take your temperature real quick.

– Yeah, sure.- I said 

The receptionist  took my temperature and then said 

-Okayyyy, give me two minutes so that I can disinfect your sit. I’ll be right back.

I waited five minutes and then someone waived at me, letting me know that my sit was ready. When I sat down, I looked around me and the first thing I noticed was all the women next to me wearing  different types of masks, I realized I was the only one wearing the blue surgical one.

-How do you want your nails- the nail tech said making me pay attention to what she was doing.

-I want them as simple as you can possibly make them.- I said

-okay but how y….

-Nude, not too long, and round.- I said before she could finish her sentence.

-Roger that!- she said and started working.

-Perfect!!! -I kind of screamed.- you did exactly what I wanted.- I said when the lady was done.

-I’m glad you liked them.- 

-thank you so much….- I said waiting for her name 


-Thank you so much Amelia, I just love them- I said and went to the other side of the spa to get my facial.

-take your shirt, earrings and necklace off, put this robe on and lie down. I’ll be right back.- the lady said and left.

2 and a half hours later….

-How much? Okay thank you so much, have a nice day.- I said to the receptionist and left.