Slowly Dying

Die slowly those who do not  love passionately,

who  don’t hear music,

who doesn’t laugh

Die slowly who destroys their self-love,

Who wants to live life in a hurry

Whoever becomes a slave of a monotonous life 

Die whoever gives up and does not fight for their dreams

Self Love 

When I began to love myself,

 I began to rid myself of everything that was unhealthy:

 people and situations, 

everything and anything that pushed me down. 

When I started loving myself, 

I gave up reliving the past and worrying about the future

I’m afraid 

I’m afraid of being me

I am afraid to show my feelings

I’m afraid of falling and not being able to get up

I am afraid of the world

I am afraid of an uncertain future

Fear that those who I love will die before me.

Fear of living too long.

A  special friendship

Life in long or short terms  gives us

a special friendship:

someone who entering your life

gives a 180 degree change.

Someone who makes you laugh incessantly;

 Someone who makes you believe that in the world

there are really worthwhile things

 Someone who convinces you

that they will always be 

There for you, no matter what

That’s a special friendship