How Is The Day Going to Be?

By: Robert Rampersaud

He waves at the kids as they wave back,

He said good evening as the adult stare,

a relieve of not getting verbally attack,

leaves the store with all the snacks,

sits in car at the beginning with silence,

he prepares himself mentally,

probably another day resulting in subsidence,

this is usually,

it is going to be a day someone yells over the radio for help,

as he rushes to aid a fellow member,

is it going to be day someone tried to kill themselves?

As aid is trying to be render,

Is it going to be a day when he’s surrounded with people and gets verbally attack?

For trying to place a criminal in jail,

As the criminal gets ready fight back by talking smack,

the fight begins, time is now moving like a snail,

is it going to be a day when he rushes a 2-months old to the hospital?

Because of a blanket left in the crib causing suffocation,

As he watches the doctors uses all their tools chronological,

the parents still hysterically crying, he leaves feeling helpless going back to the station,

Is it going to be a day when he rendering aid to a victim that was stab or shoot as they faithing,

As a crowd gathers, he’s getting blame for the actions the of stabber or shooter,

As EMS arrived, he rides in the back as EMS mentions, “he’s likely”,

Shot in the head or a stab to the heart he knows will not have saved the victim if he got there sooner,

Father of a New Life

By: Robert Rampersaud

Leaving the house in disappointment,

Returning full of enjoyment,

She’s cries in discomfort,

you do your best to bring her comfort,

witnessing the growth,

becomes an eye opening to see her clothes become outgrowth,

observing the blessing,

it is something,

The Division of Our Nation

By: Robert Rampersaud

There is no ending to this conversation,

But it is mentioned by everyone in the nation,

No matter your side,

Someone else will maintain their pride,

It’s only two sides to this ideology,

are we divided because of social technology?

As we’re approach the fourth year,

the country two parties are at war,

The Drive

By: Robert Rampersaud

People will fold under pressure, it’s the sign of giving up,

I will go crazy if I didn’t give it my 100 precent,

I wouldn’t not accept anything less than being on top,

I will throw my every cent,

Just to accomplish my goal,

It is hard to fail when you work hard than the competitor,

I refused to let myself become a troll,

Work ethic most over exceed my competitors, to oversee any regret of being under my predator,