Writing poem was something I probably having done since Junior High School. I did remember when writing poem not every word has to rhyme, or the poem doesn’t need to have words rhyme at all. I believe in order to have a successful poem, you must be able to have words flowing nicely together, and you need to have a great imagination to be a write a successful poem. Writing my four poems was actually something different for me, I do prefer writing short stories. When I was writing the poem, I was trying to make words rhyme even though I know it doesn’t have to rhyme. Also, I felt like I have lack of words to put in the poem. Writing the poems, I was planning ahead of what the next few line will be about, so I can find words that rhyme. Overall, writing my four poems was a so-so experience. I don’t think I will ever find myself writing poem again unless I have to do a class assignment because I don’t think I’m a person that is good with words. If I was good with words, it would have been easier for me to find words that rhyme, and my experiences would have been a good one.