Malik Lee
Creative Writing

ENG 1141


It’s Always You
It’s about you like it’s always been. Every time I pick up my pen.
I draw from memories,
You would’ve thought I was painting. I know it’s you.
You know it’s real when even
The silence feels loud.
I grab hold of you
With the same grip that I
Hold my dreams with.
This is how I feel
About you !

Who Am I?
M ysterious
A lways there to help

L ives life to the fullest

I ntelligent
K ind hearted

Ode To My Brother

You gave no one a last farewell

You were gone before we knew it

And only god knows why

You left many hearts broken

Conversations left unspoken

Physically you’re gone but spiritually you’re here

In life we loved you and death even more

SEVEN is the number of completeness

You completed us perfectly

11-1=10; 7 Seven sevyn

We miss you everyday

Until we meet again

With love always

-Your little brother

Something Real

If I ever complimented the

Way those brown eyes melt

Into golden rays in the sun,

It’s because I feel a connection

To your soul

Your window

You let the light within shine

Through and it’s truly radiant

These are the moments I want

Want to last forever

When it’s all said and done,

Your arms are where I still

Find comfort and the feeling for…

Something Real