This is my name 

Because my mother named me after my grandmother

Even before I was born 

I took another way to be known 

I’m my grandma’s granddaughter 

No! I’m not  my grandma’s granddaughter- I keep saying

I’m my own person

I’m Luz Mery 

In English my name is translated to light 

In Spanish it represents 

A “brave and ambitious woman”

And they could not be more right 

I’m that and so much more

I’m tired of telling people 

No, it is pronounced… 

“Luz” rhymes with “Loose”

Not Luz almost as in “Lost”

I like my name the way it is

Please don’t change it- I tell people

Just let it be 

My mama gave it to me 

My life

Between work and school,  the entire day 

Passes without me even noticing.

I wish I was more organized with my time 

Because if I keep living like this,

there will come a day where I will wonder 

Where has the time gone 

and nobody is going to have the answer

 for that but  me.

I live in a huge and beautiful city,

One of the most exciting cities in the world 

Even though this city is really exciting 

I don’t like to go out a lot.

When I’m not working or studying 

I’m listening to music, or in my bedroom

Doing nothing, I like to talk to myself a lot 

Sometimes people stare at me when I’m at the store 

Talking to myself out loud, but what can I say

I love to do that, it just the way I am.

Every day I call my parents 

I tell them how my day went and 

Even thought I tell them the same thing

Over and over, they still ask me.

I love to get on my older sister nerves

That’s my favorite thing to do 

But I hate when she does that to me.

On the road 

Sun is out lying in the road 

A road that I know like my name 

A road that saw me learn

How to ride a bike.

So many houses around 

So many memories left behind 

I can still see my friend’s house 

Five minutes pass by and

 I have the “Goodbye, come back soon” 

Sign in front of my eyes.

An exchange of words 

El desvío                                                                                         Bypass

Si tu pie se desvía de nuevo,                                      If your foot take another way

Sera cortado                                                                       It will be taken away

Si tu mano te lleva                                                           If your hand guides  you 

A otro camino                                                                    By a different path 

se caerá podrida                                                                It will spoil 

Si me apartas de tu vida                                                If you push me away from your life 

Morirás                                                                                   You will eventually die 

aunque vivas                                                                        And even if you still alive 

Seguirás muerta o sombra,                                          You will still be dead or shadow 

andando sin mí por la tierra.                                        Living without me on this earth-Pablo Neruda