Leviza Murtazayeva

Well Now, You’re Gone
By: Leviza Murtazayeva

Well now you’re gone,
I say to myself; how can anyone believe that?
All I have is our found stone.
Forever I will keep that.
Your warm wrinkly hands,
Were around me as the sun sets.
Even though now, I cannot see you
I sense your existence near.
And my heart will forever remember you
Until I drop my last tear.
Well now you’re gone,
I repeat to myself, As once
I saw you in my dream, Remembering you
Brings smiles to face, I was hoping to see you
Knowing you passed away,
Never felt the same.
How can one be so perfect?
By Leviza Murtazayeva

His complexion is meant for hunting
His long legs can run for miles,
His fur is so long and gray, like the skies on a rainy day.
His eyes are yellow as fallen leaves.
He resembles power,
He shows strength in his eyes
He won’t be scared of heights, never.
How can one be so perfect?
Once he is asleep the room fills with purring.
Room fills with calm sounds and joy,
My heart starts to relax,
And my gray cat just stays by my side.
By Leviza Murtazayeva

And here I am at nine years old, believing I can fly
Fly far away from foreign land, fly far where my eye hasn’t caught a sight,
yet. I am my confidence and rave are taking me over. I fear that I won’t see the
I used to day-to-day. As tears drop down my cheeks, I grab on to my mother’s
hand. She leads me to a seat; the flight is on a start.
The plane takes off, I wipe my tears away. I’m sketching on my notebook to divert
The emotions I have. But here I am doodling the eyes, resembling my grandma’s.
My eyes begin to sweat ever more. My nine-year-old mindset is still hoping to see
her again, but she is on her flight.
Flight for a better future, for more opportunities and education. So, she gathers
herself, and takes off to the peak of her abilities.