The girl who danced in the rain

Everyday she would go see her mom

To just play with her

In the morning 

In the night

The mom never questioned it

The girl did this to make her smile

She spend as much time with her as her can

You will never know when she will be taken away 

The girl pleads to siblings 

Check up on mom as much as you can

We don’t know how much time she has left

She noticed that only no one listened

One day mom called the hospital 

Next thing we knew was that the doctors spoke

Tears started to shed

Your mom only has three days

The girl couldn’t process it

She needed air and her family told the girl to go to school

The girl went to school

And treated the day as normal

She didn’t want no one to worry 

Three days past 

Back at the hospital 

The girl and her family spent there last moments 

With their mom

Until it was time to unplug the machine 

That night it rained so hard

That soon everything became blurry 

Mom was the glue of the family 

She kept us moving

That day the girl danced in rain that she couldn’t escape 

The rain took over for long time

To where she felt like she was about to give up

But she couldn’t just give up

The girls family said that

Moms last words was

Make sure she finish school

So that’s what let the girl going 

As she danced in the rain


There are so many paths 

One person can take

After dealing with struggle and pain

There’s one path to take

That’s the path of peace

Running towards peace 

Can lead a a person to strive

Even if it’s a bad path

One can only take so much 

Until they had enough 

And learn that they need to protect their happiness 

They take the path they feel is right

And run with it 

Run on this new path and see where it takes you

If you never take it you will never know

What lies ahead on this new road

Take the road that will lead you

To a better life

A life life where you can be happy

Run with it

And make it your own

The true meaning of Friends

What’s that word you call someone 

When you’ve known for so long 

and you have unbreakable bond with them

Not family 

Something else

It’s at the tip of my tongue

Oh that’s right 


Over time i made a a lot of friends 

As years past you learn that 

Everyone is not you’re friend

And your circle of friends grows smaller 

Smaller in a sense that you want 

Friends that supports you and call you out

When your acting stupid

It’s like a great sensation when you realize 

That you have friends that cares about you

You grow together 

You live through some of the good and bad 

You can argue and make up

No matter what you never

Let anything break your bond

To my friends I give you my thanks