I used to play simulation games as a child

  I wondered what it would feel like to live in one

Years go by now I think im stuck in one

Every day is the same

I do the same things

Eat the same things

See the same things

    Now I wish for the simulation to end

        The future

It’s scary to think of the future

That’s why I never thought of my own

Who will continue to be there for me?

 Will my mother still be with me?

                 Will I become that successful person my parents want to be?

I prefer to live in the moment than live in the future

At this point will there even be a future?


No, I think it would be better if I do this later.

                 Actually no I can do this tomorrow

Tomorrow is here its time to push it back again for tomorrow

The cycle repeats and the deadline is near

Now I’m here, rushing to get this complete

On the way home

After receiving back my ticket

I get to sit back and relax With my backpack on my lap 

Im officially on my way home

From what I see Its just me on this train 

look out the window and watch the scenery change

From empty fields to neighborhoods

Ill be in the City soon.