Darkness spread endlessly in every direction, the sleeping form of a boy slowly descending in it. When he awoke, he was neither surprised nor afraid of the infinite darkness that surrounded him. Rather, he felt a mild annoyance, knowing what had happened. He’d lost it. Again.

“You’ve lost it again. Weren’t you here less than a month ago X? Keep showing up like this and I might have to reserve some of the darkness just for you.”

The voice seemed to come from everywhere, the amused tone of it wrapping itself around the boy, X, and leaving him with no way of ignoring it. Not that he could anyway. Before he had even awoken the numb feeling had overwhelmed him, taking away the feeling of his own heartbeat. He already knew why he was here, but he couldn’t figure out how. He had let an emotion of his go too wild and did something he probably would spend a long time regretting. What the emotion was and what his actions were both were nowhere in his mind, however. He could only listen as the voice kept on speaking. It seemed to get more annoying every time he ended up here.

“Hey! You’re already almost completely numb mentally as it is. Zone out more and you might just lose yourself. Ah! You’re back. I’ll start over again just for you,” the voice began its speech, calm as a disembodied voice could sound. If it had a body, it would probably be laying on a couch falling through the abyss with X.

“You know why you’re here. It’s because you’re a terrible person .”

No I’m not.

“You can try and deny it as much as you want but that doesn’t change the reality. Here I am, a demon who you know is sick down to their core, minding my business in the prison that is your mind. I do nothing but merely exist in peace. Yet you. You who claims so much to be good, decide to use my power to harm those who disagree with you.”

I don’t even remember what I did but I probably didn’t have-

“A choice? Of course not. Whenever things are going your way and you can go through things with your flimsy morality. But when you can’t you always choose to come to me, knowing well what happens every time. Doesn’t that sound just a tad bit hypocritical to you?”

It’s not like that…

“But it is. No one brings you here but yourself. No one makes you use me but yourself. I am here because you brought me here. Maybe it’s time you stopped lying to yourself and just accept it. It’s ok if you’re bad. Just give in to it. It’ll make everything go away.”