It was June of 2015 when I moved out of my parents place and got my own. I bought a bunch of things for my new place, it was a a two bedroom apartment located in Urgus, 25 minutes away from Dekago which is where my parents live. I was moving some boxes to the other room when I found a huge hole inside the closet, I was angry, the real estate agent did not mention it, therefore, I would have to hire someone to fix it. I looked at the hole again and it was weird and huge, I have never seen anything like that before, since there wasn’t anything there I decided to enter. When I entered, it was dark so I turned on my phone’s light and saw a hallway. -this is creepy- I thought. I kept walking and 5 minutes after, I had the most beautiful landscape I had ever seen in my life, the sky was dark blue and a mass of thick white clouds loomed over the top of the mountain making it look like cotton. The mountains were covered with tall and different types of trees such as pine, cypress, fir and cedars making the place seem like something out of this planet, there were also abundant yellow and red flowers and the bottom of the mountain it was covered with green grass  making it look more like a carpet. It all looked like a painting, I thought I was dreaming but no matter how much I pinched myself to wake up, I was still in that wonderful place. 

It produced a feeling of stillness, tranquility but also loneliness, since there was no trace of animals nor birds around, which made me wonder how the flowers were able to look so beautiful and fresh. The cool wind gave me a feeling that summer was ending and the first days of autumn were coming. I did not want to get out of there, but I had to, I had to get out to receive more packages. After that amazing moment, I decided that I wasn’t going to call anybody to fix that hole, I was going to use that place whenever I felt depressed, lonely or needed inspiration, it was going to be my sacred place. I did not want to tell anybody about it because I was pretty sure they were going to think I was on some drugs or  something because even I did at first, I thought I had eaten something dope but when I went there the next day and the day after, I confirmed that it was real and told my friends and family.

I showed the place to my parents first and their reaction was priceless. My mom was like:

  • No freakin’ way! How is this even possible? Is this a prank or something.

All I could do was laugh, my dad did not even say anything. He was amazed and words could not get out of his mouth. We spent a whole afternoon there and that was still not enough for both of them. There were something magical about it. When I told my two closest friends, they hung up on me. I called them at 3:00 AM saying it was important but for them I was just playing around. When they got to see it, all they could say was:

-OMG!!! This is crazy, it looks out of this world. OMG!!! How is it possible, how is this inside of your closet. Are we in another dimension because bro, this is too much.

The thing that I love the most about this hole/sacred place, is seeing people’s reaction when I show it to them, there are no words to describe the feeling you get when you walk in there, its like the time stops and nothing matters but you and the person next to you. I’m not even planning on moving out of my apartment but when I do, I know it is going to be really hard for me to leave The Hole in my Closet.