I was once friends with someone I thought to be truthful. I met her a friends Halloween party 4 years ago she was a mutual of my friends at the time. I was dressed up as a vampire and she was a witch. We got along quickly and ended up talking a lot at the party. Afterward, we exchanged numbers and kept in touch. For the following year, we hung out, and eventually, fall came around then there was a sudden shift in the friendship where it then started to become strange. She confided me with many of her “issues”. She was comfortable enough to share the details of her mental illnesses. It was no problem because I’ll gladly help any of my friends out, but it eventually became emotionally mentally draining. She would tell me that she would harm herself and to help her prevent that. It became more complex than those things. At one point for me I felt that if I said something wrong that she would end up doing something, I felt that I would be at fault if anything bad did happen to her because of how reliant she was on me.

The more we got closer to each other and our other friends, the friendship became unstable and messy. By the next fall, she began starting drama with the rest of my friends and became really emotionally manipulative. It ended up separating some of my friends and me apart for a while. Unfortunately, there was no Halloween party that year because of it. Months later I and my other friends went out for coffee after a while to catch up. I and friends ended up talking about this whole situation. We started connecting the dots and found out that there were many lies told to us throughout the years. Lies from, her financial status, her living situation, her issues, a lot of things even the simplest things were lies. Up to this day, my friends and I cant tell between truths and lies. 

My friends and I wanted to confront her and talk this through and understand the reasoning for this. When we called her she didn’t answer. We ended up going to her apartment complex and asked the lobby man to call up her appartment. According to the lobby man, no on lives there anymore, the family that used to live there moved weeks ago.