It’s not like I don’t like the poem, it’s OK. But I’m more in the middle of liking and disliking it only because it’s not my type of read per say. To me it sounds like a lady who is more passionate or talking about her thoughts on Race. She was talking about how how Black people a black woman goes through certain things and what we deal with and how like the difference between what black women will go through and what white women will go through and it’s to say that it’s like black women had it way harder than the white woman because I’m guessing like from Based off what she said, sounds like it. Because when she was saying something about the me too movement it started out with a black woman stating OK this is what happened to me and it’s like it also happens to others and it’s like OK we started the Me too movement of like basically women coming out and talking about them getting raped or something that happened to them that it’s like when they talk about it no one‘s not really hearing them out also a group of them will come together and stand by each other and willing to speak up. But then a white woman decides to say something like that and she went through it, that’s when everyone is pretty much all ears and they’re willing to listen and it’s just not fair.