1. Beowulf – This was more of a poetic story. What’s interesting is that the author is unknown for this long ancient poem. I only picked this because we had to read and write about this poem in my last year of high school and It was nice to read besides the centuries old english.
  2. Dreams – Written by Langston Hughes. This short, simple but inspiring poem to hold on to the dreams you want to accomplish because once you let go your life will be meaningless.
  3. The Road Not Taken – Written by Robert Frost. I like this poem because I think it talks to us in terms of making life changing decisions that will change us and our future forever. Whatever a person decides on remains with them until they leave this life.
  4. Because I Could Not Stop for Death – Written by Emily Dickinson. I picked this poem solely because it talks about the one objective of life that is death itself. We all have to go through the unavoidable truth of death one day, passing our experiences, memories and time.