It was a crazy morning inside the Moore house as everyone was rushing around making sure everything was packed and set to begin their brand-new day here in Dallas, Texas except Joshua. Still upset about his family relocating from Morrisville, New Jersey, Joshua wasn’t too eager to attend his first day at Hillside All Boys Preparatory High School. At his previous school he was the star quarterback, one of the most popular seniors and he was excited to spend it with his friends. His younger sister Jennifer was ecstatic to turn over a new leaf, make new friends and have a fresh start.

As Joshua mopped around the house, his father Ben Moore couldn’t wait to start his new job as vice president for one of the largest distribution companies. Without his wife in the picture Mr.Moore felt he was the one that has to guide his one and only son to follow in his footsteps, with the hopes of one day having Joshua work for him. Joshua’s dreams were very different from his father’s. His dream was to become an NFL quarterback for his favorite team, The

Giants.” I ‘am going to start counting,” Mr.Moore yelled from the main door of

the house. “If I get to one so help me God, you’re in big trouble!” Running pass

Five……four……. three…Josh two…. Staggering down the steps Joshua barely made

New York

Joshua’s room to the steps his siter Jennifer whispered, “you better hurry up.”

it before one. Entering the car Mr.Moore decided to give his kids a pep talk to

make sure that they are ready for their first day. Quickly both Joshua and Jennifer

put their headphones in, tuning their father out.

Pulling up to their first stop which happen to be Jennifer’s school, she jumped out

the car before her father could even say have a nice day. As he began to pull off,

Joshua took out his cellphone and proceeded to open up the note application.

“Before you continue driving please, please, please just hear me out”, Joshua

pleaded. “Go ahead Joshy,” Ben replied. “Okay- whoa don’t call me Joshy. I’m not

six anymore, alright? I wrote down a list of reasons why we should move back to

Jersey,” insisted Joshua. “Here we go again,” Ben interrupted as he rolled his

eyes. Joshau continued, “Dad please, number two-I hate it here. Three….” “Wont

cha looky here! Time for you to get out”, interrupted Mr. Moore. He then turned

to Joshua and said, “listen I know it’s been rough moving especially since your

mother left us, but everything will be just fine. I have good faith that we’ll be okpage2image61860352

Joshua, trust your old man on this one. Now please get out.”page2image61858624

Joshua sighs deeply and exits the car with a disgusted look his face as he turned

back to his father mouthing the words, “really dad.” As his father drives off Joshua

pretends to enter the school build but waits till his father is far enough to order a

Uber to the nearest airport. What Mr.Moore didn’t know was that Joshua has

been planning to buy a one way ticket back to Morrisville. Joshua has kept in contact with his best friend Jeremiah who has been helping orchestrate Joshua’s

plan. Getting inside of his Uber Joshua opens his bookbag making sure he has enough clothes to last him until he’s able to purchase more, Arriving the airport josh went straight to the front desk requesting a ticket to Morrisville, New Jersey. Before pulling out his wallet to pay for the ticket he felt a firm grip on his should while turning around Joshua’s eyes began to open wide seeing his father’s angry face. The only two words Mr.Moore was able to utter was “why josh” holding his cellphone revealing he was able to track Joshua’s every move.