1. “You can not change” by Brian Tracy: This poem is a very inspirational poems. This is the theme of the poems that I enjoy reading the most because they give me motivation to work on myself and not to give up.
  2. “While you weren’t here” by Janet Michael: This poem hit hard home, since most of the issues and problems that happen to me in many events I spend doing myself, rather than coming to my ex partner. This poem is a very nice way of relating how I felt before.
  3. “The Invitation” by Oriah Mountain Dreamer: I love every word was expressed in this poem. This poem promotes equality, freedom, peace, love and many positive tones that I can relate to.
  4. “Be the best of Whatever You are” By Douglas Malloch. I enjoyed this poem a lot because the words expressed bring a lot of courage and hope in to the reader’s life. The words express that every individual has their own status, knowledge and wealth status, which made me believe that the poet is speaking about how everyone is different, everyone strives for different things.