Creative Writing

Formal Critique

Reviewer’s Name: Adama Barro

Title of Piece: The Water Dancers   

Author’s Name: Ta-Hehisi Coates


The water dancers is a sad story of Hiram and Maynard.

The two brothers  were traveling to Virginia and infortenaly when they were crossing a bridge, it collapsed and they fell in the river.

Hiram the narrator was asinulating, he even saw his mother and himself as a kid and didn’t want to let her go.


Hiram and his brother Maynard are the main characters of the story, there was also a girl who is Maynard’s friend.

Maynard was careless and was dependong a lot on his brother.

What causes the bridge to collapse ? 

Point of View:

In my opinion, the story is confusing , the way the narrator told the story is not quite understanding. It lets you translate in the way you want but the narrator is telling it in the first person.

Voice & Style: 

The narrator told the story in the first person,to be able to comprehend is difficult, his choice of words and sentences need some brainstorming.