Prof. Jessica Penner | OL05 | Fall 2020

Mohammed Hashim, “Tsunami Rising”

I enjoyed watching the author Staceyann Chin read the “Tsunami Rising” because she had a way of reading Tsunami Rising that not any tone could pull off. Her reading was inspirational, motivating, and impactful to the black women. Chin carried a serious tone but very inspiring tone to act out and read this poem. She read it in a tone that wasn’t afraid to speak the truth, let people know of the truth and support the people that was oppressed by racist culture. She was a great representation for the black women and the people of color that had to live through slavery and such. I also enjoyed how she exposed different ways the black people were treated. I can’t think of any other way that someone should read this poem because Chin did it in a way that the people will understand and even fight for what’s right.


  1. Malik Lee

    Hey Mohammed
    I absolutey agree Chin’s tone made the poem very inspirational for woman to feel comfortable with standing up for themselves and not being afraid to speak up especially black women.

  2. Sarvinoz Erkinova

    Hi Mohammed,
    I agree when you said that she had a great tone of voice when reading her poem. While listening to her inspiration and anger towards hatred against blacks especially black women it also made me angry and provoked angry feelings about how unjust it is to treat someone in an inhumane way just because of their skin color.

  3. Leviza Murtazayeva

    Hi Mohammed, I agree that the poem is very inspirational and brought a serious tone to the listeners since it is an issue to those who struggle and Chin is doing a good job by expressing pain in her words so that everyone could clearly understand her words.

  4. Diana Rivera

    hey Mohammed, I completely agree with how motivational it was for black women and how her serious tone was able to shine a light on the seriousness of this situation towards the black community more specifically black women. I also agree with how Chin’s tone is the only tone this piece can be said in.

  5. Marina Malak

    Hi Mohammed,
    I agree with you on Chin using a serious yet inspiring tone to speak up for the reality. I loved her style and authenticity of speech. Her message was very clear as her poem was told and she used her physical expression to aid the delivery which made it even more inspiring.

  6. Mamadou

    I agree that the tone of this poem can’t be replicated by just anyone. I think that the reason for this is because at its heart, the poem contains the experiences of the author and her presentation is bringing out all the emotions she felt going through these experiences.

  7. Kiara Wright

    I agree with what you said, because she felt really strong about the topic of racisms, that she wanted to express how she felt on it.

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