Prof. Jessica Penner | OL05 | Fall 2020

Malik Lee Chin’s poem

Chin’s poem was inspirational for black woman to feel comfortable with standing up for themselves and not being afraid to speak up. Chin’s poem was not too hard to follow reading it more than once I was able to understand her message.The overall message of this poem was to get women to understand that they’re created equally just like everyone and should be comfortable talking about issues like rape and racism.

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  1. Sarvinoz Erkinova

    Hello Malik,
    I agree when you said how she inspires women not to be afraid to talk about issues such as rape and crime because it does not help to solve the problem and makes women feel less and less. She also mentioned that if anybody touches her daughter in a way that makes her feel uncomfortable, she should come and tell Chin because she would believe it.

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