I really liked writing short story, I liked how easy it was for me to sit down and just let my imagination flow, there was a point where I was kind of stressed out but it was because I had so many ideas in mind and I did not know which one to choose, however, I was happy for that, I usually  tend to stress out because I do not know what to do or write but this time I felt like a pro. I always write first-person stories so it was good to get out of the box and challenge myself to write in a different style, at first I switched a lot to first person without even realizing it but after a while I was just fine writing from a third person point of view and I have to admit that I liked it more since we can write from a broader perspective.  Overall, writing short stories did not feel like homework, it felt more like a therapy, time for me to explore my mind and disconnect from the world for a bit