I thoroughly enjoyed writing my short story as it allowed me to become more creative, in a challenging way. I have some experience writing short stories when I was in middle school and I remember using as much details as possible in order for the story to come to life. If this assignment was almost like a free write, I would struggle because I would have so many ideas and not know which route to take. That is why I loved that we had to use our previous, journal #5, and fictionalize it. It made at interesting to take something that happened to me and write in a new style, which was refreshing for me as a writer. One thing that I had found a little difficult was trying to pact as much detail as possible and make the plot clear without the story being lengthy. Given the fact it was supposed to be short, I decided to write out whatever was on my mind and reread the finish work in order to compact it more. 

I also appreciated the suggest that was made, to look at a image that shows scenery to help guide the writing. Once I found my image that sparked my idea, I was able to have more of a clear idea and write about the fictional place in reference to the image. Another thing I enjoyed about my experience with writing a short story is that it was fun to fictionalize something, given the fact that it was my first to take something I already wrote and put a twist to it.