Monday, 11/2 – Friday, 11/6

By end-of-day Monday, 11/2, the following activities are DUE (end-of-day means 11:59 PM):


  • Four poems that you’ve enjoyed in the past (or recently). You’ll be sharing them with the class next week, so please do this now. It’ll save time in the long run!


  • Respond to each of your Cohort members and email the responses. Make sure to send me a copy!

By end-of-day Wednesday, 11/4, the following activities are DUE (end-of-day means 11:59 PM):



  • Share briefly about what you felt about Chin’s poem. Did you like/dislike it? Why? Be specific! Post this under Student Work: Discussions.
  • Journal Assignment 6: Reflect on your experience with short story writing—good, bad, so-so, and why. Post this under Journals.
  • Begin writing poems. Be sure to look at the Announcement page for prompts and inspiration. (Be sure to do the activity on the Announcement page–this will help you for future assignments!)