ENG1141 Creative Writing

Short Story

“Cyber Friend”

         Leviza was always known for to be the quietest girl in junior high, in east Brooklyn, New York.  She stood out by being a foreign student and her height made her different, she was the tallest in that school. She always hung out with one girl, which was her best friend, Jade. They were always together. They were complete opposites of each other, but the way they dressed and their appearance. Leviza was always busy on her schoolwork, she had strict parents which did not allow her to go out for a long period of time. So, most of the time she would spend her rest of the day after school on the phone with Jade. Jade and Leviza went to the same public school, but never talked to each other. But when they found out they will go to the same junior high, something clicked, and they were connected, and that is what brought the two together. Their friendship lasted for years, they would meet at the same area after and before school so that they can spend as much time as possible together.

           On the second day of junior high school, after they have talked and exchanged their Facebook profiles, they planned to meet at deli name “Deli – cious.” This shop became their favorite place to meet, and grab some breakfast on the way to school, or snacks on the way home. Surprisingly they lived so close to each other, this is where they would try to meet at each other’s houses. The girls would share everything with each other, to the point of exchanging clothes and make-up.

    Two years go by, Jada and Leviza have been through a lot, including verbal fights/arguments, friendship break ups, and jealousy. Jada became way too comfortable with Leviza where she began to bully her appearance, and accuse her of many things such as copying, her looks. The girls make up and move on from that. Eventually they set their mind to meeting people, they grew up now they are 13-14. One day Jada and Leviza meet in a circle park that is near an abandoned cemetery, on their winter break and exchange the profiles of the boys they met online. Jada would talk about this guy his name was Peter whom is her best friend over the phone, she would say things that they are so similar to each other, but they don’t like each other. As time passes by, Leviza hears more about Peter and adds him on face book where she starts to talk to him herself and begins to be attracted to him. They talk for days and begin dating online since they did live far away from each other, Jada loves to tease her kindly about it and supports her until one moment in January 2014. Jada asks Leviza to come out of her house and go to the circle park to explain that Peter was flirting with Jada and only wants her. She shows the text messages. Leviza reads carefully and notices that Jada has been flirting back the whole time and said bad things about Leviza, said clearly “How could you?” she suddenly runs towards the abandoned cemetery. Jada did not run after her at first, she was shouting her name, but Leviza did not answer or stopped. As she kept running her silhouette was becoming less visible until there was nothing but overgrown trees. Leviza was not seen by Jada after that again. Friendship was lost, and we will never know if Leviza was found again.