When Sofía and Edward were 9 years old they used to live in a small town called Ville. There was a  tale that people always talk about. That a witch lived in Ville town. Every day  after school they had to pass by a house that looked very old. The neighbors said that the witch Herminia and her mother lived there. They stand from the other side of the street to see if they could see the witch that people  talked about. Sometimes they would see other kids pass by and throw stones at the house. Sofia and Edward never coincide with  Ms.Herminia because they lived in different neighborhoods and they only passed by on their way to school.

It was a cloudy and gray day, when Eduardo and Sofia were leaving class around 4pm in the afternoon. Edward came up with the idea to challenge Sofia to enter the witch’s house. Edward told her  “I’ll give you all the money I have in my pocket if you go into the witch’s house”. Sofia accepted to show that she is  brave and said “you have to give me all your money and give me your PS4.” Eduard was not entirely in agreement with giving up his PS4 but he just wanted her to go inside. Enthusiastic Edward replied “of course, just go inside”. Sofia, nervous and trembling jumped to the other side of the house. Sofia began to explore the backyard of the house and she could not believe what she saw. It had a beautiful garden filled with Peruvian lily in vibrant pink colors. Despite the fact that the house was owned by a witch and looked old on the outside, she didn’t think it could have a beautiful garden. She was surprised , because as in the stories she imagined that the witch house would be creepy and ugly. Sofia continued exploring the house and suddenly a cold invaded her body when she saw that woman. She started to  have rapid and agitated breathing when she saw her, she had dark brown eyes, gray hair and looked around her 60s. Sofia, gulped and asked “you’re Ms.Herminia “the witch” she smiled and said “yes I’m Ms.Herminia,  but I’m not a witch”. Sofia thought in truth she doesn’t  look like a witch because she does not look ugly, cruel or horrifying. Ms. Herminia curiously asked her  “what are you doing in my house?” Sofía with sweaty body and shaky voice replied “just came for curiosity.”Sofía began to look at her from top to bottom and asked her “why do people say you are a witch if you don’t have the appearance of a witch?” Ms.Herminia began to laugh out loud when she heard the girl’s question and answered “to be a witch you don’t necessarily have to look ugly and frightening,but anyway it doesn’t mean that I’m a witch. Sofia felt ashamed because she felt that she offended that woman. Ms. Herminia with a broken voice replied  “in this town people like to tell a lot of things that are not true, ”.

After hearing Sofia explanation Ms. Herminia with a dry and hard voice said ” You have to leave my house”. Sofia nodded without understanding anything yet. Sofía left a bit confused, because for a long time she grew up thinking that a witch lived in that old house. When she left the house she saw Edward outside looking anxious. Edward pupils  dilated when he saw that Sofia was coming out of the house.He immediately asked her if she saw the witch, Sofia answered “I did see Ms. Herminia but she is not a witch as people say. Edward, even more confused, asks her “why do you think  she’s not a witch?”.  She told me she’s not a witch and I didn’t see that she looks like a witch either, she’s not ugly or creepy. The two were a bit confused, they returned to their neighborhood and decided to tell their experience to their friends, who did not believe them and decided to keep the idea that a witch lived in that house.