Malik Lee

Creative Writing

Short story

            Justin Jones is an 18-year-old high school graduate living with his grandmother, great-uncle and older cousins in South Carolina since the age on 6. Justin never knew the reason he was sent to live there but began to search why, since turning 18 he considered his self to be an adult and make his own decisions. Justin’s great aunt treated him just like a son, by the age of 10 she started teaching Justin how to become responsible by putting him to work with other family member on their farm putting him in charge of feed and cleaning the animals. At the age of 12 Justin’s mind began to wonder about his parents, Constantly asking his family about his parent they would reply “They’re in New York don’t worry about them” which was a lie Mr. and Mrs. Jones died in a fatal car accident a few years after  dropping Justin off in South Carolina. The family decided it was best to withhold Justin from that information fearing it would be traumatic for him but always told him stories about how his parents met and were great people. Since Justin graduated high school his grandmother thought I would be a great idea for him to move into a guest house used as a storage located in the back of their home to allow him to have the feeling of being a young adult.

On day while cleaning out the guest house Justin stumbles upon a box label memory on top, being very curious he opened the box find letters addressed to him from his mother. Justin spent 1 hours reading almost every letter his mother wrote him with tears in his eyes, hearing footsteps coming close to the door he rushed to clean up the letters and place them back in the box but quickly stuffing one unopen letter in his pocket. As he looked up to see who was coming in, it was his grandmother asking him if he need some help cleaning , seeing the dried tear marks on his face she quickly looked at the box in shock uttering “I was waiting for the right time to show you” Justin looked at her and ran out the guest house into his grandmother’s house. Justin paced back and forth in his old bedroom trying to understand what he found with multiple thoughts running through his head. Justin’s grandmother knocked on the bedroom door asking if she can enter the room, Justin allowed her to come in following up with the question “why did you hide this from me and when did you think was the ‘right time’” his grandmother replied “I don’t know but not now Justin I’m sorry”

Two weeks later Justin moved into the guest house while attending a local college where he works in the bookstore still working on the family farm during the weekends. One day Justin’s grandmother took him out for breakfast just them two she figured this would be the right time to tell Justin the truth. Sitting at the table was very awkward for the both of them since the situation hasn’t been brought up, the conversation began with his grandmother apologizing for the years of lying to Justin. As the conversation proceeded, she revealed to Justin that she is his biological mother and being that she had a lot going on his cousin decided to help her out and raise him but at the age of 6 she started to feel guilty so she requested he live with her. She expressed how proud she is in the man Justin is becoming. Justin thanked his grandmother for everything she has done for him but he can never forgive her for all the lies she told him, also telling her he saved up all his money from work and found his own place to live and would like to cut all ties with her along with the rest of the family before exiting the restaurant.