It was a gloomy morning in late March, as Angelica was on her way to class she looked up at the sky, she reminded herself that as a child she was taught that when the skies have dark clouds it would most likely rain. She then looked down at her new airmax Tn shoes that she bought two weeks prior, upset she wore the wrong shoes for the rain she hoped the sky would clear up as the day went by. As she arrived to class, she noticed many students with their umbrellas or rainboots, everyone was prepared for the rain but her. Aside from worrying about the rain, she looked around for her two friends, Nancy and Victor whom they all had plans to go to her house after class. Nancy with beautiful long black hair only had a dark blue baseball cap and her shiny black rainboots to protect her from the rain, as well as Victor with a large umbrella that when had the NBC logo on it were sitting and discussing upcoming exams.

“If it rains, we fit under your umbrella. The train is like four blocks away from my house” Angelica boldly stated

“Or we could take it from him and leave him” Nancy added jokingly.

Victor’s facial expression said it all, his eyes opened wide and was shocked by both the girls’ responses. At the end of class Angelica walked to the opposite side of the room, walking to the widow she saw how the rain hit the glass. She knew she was bound to get wet, there was no escaping the heavy rain.

“Should’ve checked the weather” Victor commented,

Angelica felt a strain in her eyes as she rolled them back. On their way to the train Angelica gave up on the thought of avoiding puddles, the rain was coming down heavy there was no doubt her shoes would get wet, and they did. They all quickly walked down the steps into the station to escape the rain. Suddenly Angelica felt her ankle twist, she tried to grab on to the railing, but her body fell to the wet steps and slipped down a few more steps. A stranger witnesses the fall and offered to help but she was too embarrassed to accept the help. Victor and Nancy were behind Angelica both to busy laughing to offer their assistance.

“Are you okay?” Nancy asked

“My ankle, the steps are wet. I fucking twisted it” she quickly responded.

“How you fall down the stairs” Victor added snickering

“Shut up!” Angelica responded.

Just as Angelica thought her day couldn’t get worse, she walked with a limp and continued to feel pain as she walked and put pressure on her ankle. She sat at any available seat on the train, she sat there thinking it could have all been avoided if she had only woke up n time and checked the weather.