Prof. Jessica Penner | OL05 | Fall 2020

POV Discussion, Continued

Look at the picture, and answer the question in the comments section today.

The whole picture. (This activity was adapted from

Each picture you received last week was a section of one picture.

Now that you see the whole picture, think about the story you wrote for your section.

Answer this question in the comments section of this post:

What does this tell us about POV?


  1. Jozelyn

    First off, this was a nice little surprise and interesting activity. This activity tells me that POV is something that can be different amongst various individuals. One person may depict a picture or see a situation different from others. For example, the image of the couple, many saw it as a love story when in fact is it part of this bigger scene of chaos. Our POV derives from our own mindset that is developed throughout life and experiences.

  2. Sarvinoz Erkinova

    I honestly did not expect the entire picture to be like the one depicted. I was sure that it involved a crime, but did not expect love scene in the middle. POV tells us that everyone’s interpretation of an event is different and it is aroused from differences in perceptions, thoughts, and feelings about life. Sometimes experiences also shape the way we look at certain things and form different opinions about them.

  3. Mamadou

    The three pictures all being one shows that depending on how something is looked at, it can carry a very different message. Something like a pavement of a street became a beach in a lot of the stories about it. The view of the street as a beach is not wrong, it was just difficult to see it as anything else without a full view of the area.

  4. Marina Malak

    I did not expect the pictures to be a one piece, it is very impressive how sectioning one picture can divide and lead us in a different direction and perspective than both the other sections and the picture as a whole. It tells us that POV is subjective and we can be looking at the same picture or event and come up with a totally different stories in mind. it can also tell us how important knowing in which POV the author is writing, is the author seeing the whole picture or are they focused on a section of it, in other words, is the picture told in first person from one POV or third person where the whole picture is there for the reader to see.

  5. Robert Rampersaud

    Good evening everyone,
    From my POV story I thought about it being a violent scene. However, seeing the full picture, I still believe it’s a violent scene. This time a large crowd was involved and police officers. This a perfect example how people and media can portray what they want their viewers to see without showing the full image.

  6. Saja Musa

    The revelation of this picture is a huge shocker. I did not expect the three different pictures to be snippets of one scene. However, the snippets you showed were a great way to help us understand the meaning of point of view. This activity helped us comprehend that every scenario can be interpreted differently depending on how a person chooses to interpret it. That is the beauty of point of view, a horrific scene for one person can be a romantic scene for another.

  7. Angelica Hernandez

    What’s this tells us about POV is that everyone views things differently, because I didn’t know that the photos in this activity were all the same photos. It shows how differently everyone thinks.

  8. Parikshit Thapa

    I feel like the POV can be interpreted differently according to different people’s points of view. What was really interesting was that I could never have imagined that all the three pictures were a part of one whole picture. It really tells a lot about the local environment and what is happening at the time.

  9. nickay82

    Based on the activity and this picture, this showed that POV differs based on how the event is viewed and what details the person telling the story pays attention to, and how differently a story can be told based on the information that is given.

  10. Mohammed Hashim

    I didn’t expect all the pictures to be one in whole. This picture twist just goes to show that different perspectives matter and they have a different view points depending on where you look from. You can easily manipulate a perspective by showing different sides of a story.

  11. Angelica Salazar

    I think POV all depends on people perspective of things, everyone has their own way of thinking. With each image that was given many created a story based on the scenario of the specific image we see how many interpret the image differently or similarly

  12. Luzmery

    It shows the importance of point of view because everybody has different perspectives which means that we all interpret and see things differently. Just like some of my peers mentioned before, I did not think it was just one picture especially the part where the couple is kissing.

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