Creative Writing

Formal Critique

Reviewer’s Name: Adama Barro

Title of Piece: The Wife’s Story  

Author’s Name: Ursula K. Leguin

Point of view:

In my opinion,the story is very captivating but also very confusing.

It start from i very good young men to a husband and a happy family and then change to an horror movie.

I couldn’t honestly understand the setting of the story and have a lot of questions to the author.


The story is about a young lady finding the men of her dreams,falling in love, getting married and having children,the husband loves to hunt but in reality he was not a human, he was able to change to a beast.

One night, on the dark of the moon, the wife witness her husband changing to a different creature.


On the beginning of the story,I taught it was a husband who will abandon his family for another women or ran away from his responsibilities.

Ursula K. Leguin describes the story with so much precision that one can literally vision the scene in his head


What message Ursula K. Leguin trying to send?

When the sister was coming to help, she was transformed also?

The baby in the story was as special powers or will also transform?

Is that the end of the story?