Prof. Jessica Penner | OL05 | Fall 2020

Jozelyn Santos, POV Story

A dark night consumed by fog, fight and a bundle of people packed together. As gleams of lights fight to shine through the misty air, another fight is occurring. Just like the lights, the fight to be seen and understood begins. Two different groups of people, one wanting to be heard and another looking to prevent any violence. They stand and shout, keeping their hands to themselves while the people before them stand with equipment that may be used if things were to escalate. The unarmed against the armed, only wanting to fight for what they believe in. They stand to send a message to those who choose to not listen and to not make a difference. Happening during times of grief and anger, the constant question of “Why won’t they listen” run through their minds. The streets gaining a new purpose, no longer for the use of cars but for the use of spreading a message that needs to be heard by everyone.


  1. Dylan

    Hey Jozelyn, great work. I think you wrote about Picture C because of your description of the group of people packed together. Picture C is the only one with more than two people grouped together.

  2. Mohammed Hashim

    Hi Jozelyn, good job on writing your pov story. I think your descriptions leans more to Picture C because you can see misty air you talked about and the group of people that standing there in the picture.

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